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NANO – Ultra Soft

“NANO”, ULTRA-SOFT toothbrush designed for better brushing for people with sensitive teeth . It gives you a gentle feel while removing plaque without damaging your tissues, crowns and implants. It cleans tissues such as the gums, palate and cheek.

PERFECT for use after surgery, for people with exposed roots and for edentulous clients to brush the tissues (cheeks, tongue, palate).

🌱 Choice of color: white or black. Please indicate your choice of comment.

🌱 Over 20,000 ultra-soft filaments for a soft feel and good plaque removal

🌱 Filament size in nanometers, with rounded ends

🌱 Moso Bamboo handle, 100% compostable, and coated with vegetable oil

🌱 BPA-free

🌱 Vegan

🌱 100% compostable packaging

🌱 Contact us for the price list for an order of 500 and more.