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2 Sweet Floss refills

🌱 Designed for people with interdental spaces and for those with a lingual thread, with loss of gingival papilla. No need for a taper!

🌱 Thick wire, effectively removes plaque

🌱 Receive a Mojito refill and a Pina Colada.

🌱 Xylitol: sweet taste while providing protection against cariogenic bacteria

🌱 Colored floss for a better view of plaque

🌱 Biodegradable silk: made from butterfly cocoon

🌱 Reusable bamboo container, biodegradable The container contains 30 meters of dental foss packed in a biodegradable and compostable bag.

🌱 Silk packaging is biodegradable

🌱 Waxed: Candelilla wax, 100% natural

🌱 30 meters each refill for 2 months of use